After seven days of rigorous poker and with over 7200 eliminations, the 2017 WSOP Main Event is down to the final nine players. Returning from Day 6 were 27 runners with the hopes of making the final table. 18 eliminations later, each of the remaining players is guaranteed at least $1,000,000 with the winner taking home a massive $8,150,000.

2017 WSOP Main Event Final Table

Leading the pack is Scott Blumstein with 97,250,000 chips (122 big blinds) and he is closely followed by John Hesp, with a stack of 85,700,000. Between the two of them they have over 50% of the chips on the table and the safe money would be on either  of the two being crowned the World Champion.

“I feel amazing, I can’t believe it’s real,” Blumstein said afterward. “I have a great group of guys and we’re going to get to work and prepare for Thursday. This is one of the biggest moments of my life. And I’m super excited.”

Although the rest are a considerable way behind in chips, they’re by no means out. Antoine Saout and Ben Lamb, are former November Niners and they will be hoping their experience at the final table makes up for the shortage in chips. Another November Niner, Michael Ruane, was unable to make it two final nine finishes in a row after he bubbled the final table.

This year’s final table also has a strong European contingent with four of the nine from the UK and France. Argentinian Damian Salasis is the sole South American at the table with the remaining four from the United States. Disappointingly, there is no Asian representation this year at the final table .

The day did not, however, go as planned at the start. Christian Pham, the chip leader at the beginning of play, failed to hold on to his stack and was a surprise early elimination. After a couple of big losses he was sent packing by Benjamin Pollak in 19th place for $263,532.

As the player count began shrinking and the pay jumps began increasing, it was expected that play would tighten up. On the contrary, with 13 players still in the tournament, Scott Stewart, ordered a beer and chugged it in front of the cameras as his supporters in the crowd shouted “U-S-A! U-S-A!”. Tellingly, he was the next elimination and did not make the final table.

The final nine players return on Thursday, 20th July to resume play.

2017 WSOP Main Event Final Table Seat Draw

Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 John Hesp United Kingdom 85,700,000 107
2 Scott Blumstein United States 97,250,000 122
3 Antoine Saout France 21,750,000 27
4 Benjamin Pollak France 35,175,000 44
5 Jack Sinclair United Kingdom 20,200,000 25
6 Damian Salas Argentina 22,175,000 28
7 Ben Lamb United States 18,050,000 23
8 Bryan Piccioli United States 33,800,000 42
9 Dan Ott United States 26,475,000 33

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