An experiential gaming zone started by Poker Ninja in the heart of Bengaluru

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An experiential gaming zone started by Poker Ninja in the heart of Bengaluru

As the famous Latin author Julius Caesar once said; “Experience is the teacher of all things” & so it holds true in the game of Poker as well. To excel in a game where skill & experience go hand in hand, Poker Ninja gives the players yet another avenue to explore, learn & master the game all in one place.

There is no stopping the Ninja Warriors. Going from strength to strength, the Poker Ninja team has launched its live gaming brand – NINJA ARENA.


Ninja Arena is an experience zone setup at the Gold Coast Poker Room in the heart of Bengaluru where players can get a chance to engage with Poker Ninja in a live environment. Created specially to cater to players that wish to either try their hand or fulfil their passions for live tournaments, this arena will host some of the best live tournaments throughout the week. Coupled with some of the best live tourney’s, Ninja Arena boasts of having a top class format, trained professional dealers, hospitable house staff & an impeccable management running the show. The arena was launched on November 27th, 2016 with a 1 lac inaugural series.


The tagline “Shuffle Up and Deal” clearly emphasizes on the importance of tournament events and plans are to host poker tournaments in a variety of levels and formats to cater to the rapidly growing poker community in India. This is a separate brand entity created by the Ninja team to cater specifically to the growing number of tournament players not just in Bengaluru but across the country.

And they don’t plan to stop there! The team has plans to create the best experience for players visiting the arena & turn the arena into a brand name which everyone associates with and makes it as a part of their go to list. Ninja Arena is all set to become the favourite destination of all the ninja players of the country.

If tournaments is your speciality, Ninja Arena is definitely the place that you have been looking for. So channel your inner Ninja’s, get your poker face on & head to the Ninja Arena to experience some adrenaline pumping sessions in the coming weeks.

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