From education to poker – Vineet Kumar

//From education to poker – Vineet Kumar

From education to poker – Vineet Kumar

Known for their eccentricities, poker players come in many forms. Some are quiet, while some loud. Some are simple and others extravagant. Few though, come forth with as much enthusiasm and energy as does a certain Vineet Kumar from Chandigarh.

As a regular tournament player, Vineet is a very well known face in the domestic poker circuit. The lesser known story however, is that of his introduction and thereafter transition to poker. Starting his career at IIT Kanpur, Vineet held many prestigious positions within the Ministry of Industries (Central Government)before joining as the Joint Director Technical Education with the Govt of Haryana. He worked there for a while and helped improve many aspects of the education system in the state during his time there.

Using the many skills he gathered over the years, today, Vineet plays the sport with the vigour of a youngster. Incidentally, it was his son who introduced him to the game back in 2013. He started out on 888 Poker with $10 and converted that into $100. Following that up with a couple of tournament wins, the desire to play poker was born and Vineet soon quit his job and took up poker on a full time basis.

A fan of travelling and experimenting with cuisines, Vineet finds the life of a poker player to his liking. He makes it a point to play all the major tournaments in the country in addition to the 8 hours that he spends on online sites daily. Furthermore, he enjoys spreading awareness about the game to as many as he can. Here we look at the video he recorded when he was selected as a qualifier for the Pokerstars Sharkcage and salute him for the enthusiasm and energy he brings to the game.

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