“The People’s Club of Delhi” – The Regius Experience

//“The People’s Club of Delhi” – The Regius Experience

“The People’s Club of Delhi” – The Regius Experience

Present in the heart of South Delhi, The Regius Club is what you can easily count on to be your getaway from the hustle of daily life. Or at least those who play poker definitely can. Boasting of brand new equipment, modern facilities and a very hospitable ambience, this is very much a paradise for any poker enthusiast. Being a first timer or a regular, is immaterial here; you instantly feel at home at the Regius Club.


Started by Sourabh Monga, Sarthak Bhalla and Shikhar Sharma just over 3 months ago, the Regius already has a formidable presence in Delhi and regularly fills out its 3 tables of Low and Medium stakes NLHE and High stakes Omaha tables. Having previously managed home games in Noida for almost 3 years, the idea for having a place like the Regius was to ensure that the players could get the best experience possible. Business aside, the focus of all the founders is primarily on ensuring customer satisfaction.


And it has paid off too, with the count of daily players improving dramatically. And why wouldn’t it with the number of facilities available. Leaving no stone unturned, players can expect the complete hospitality package, with many regs fondly referring to it as the “People’s Club”.

Looking ahead, the Regius Club has plans to open up elsewhere in Delhi as well, with the hope of covering the entire city soon. With an enthusiastic team and positive word of mouth, this will surely be hotly anticipated throughout the Delhi poker community. We wish them all the best for it!

And here’s what some of their regs had to say about their experience at the Regius.


Poker is a stress buster for me. And there are not many places in Delhi you can go to. Being a woman and a poker player doesn’t leave you many options. I am glad Regius poker Club is around. And it’s fun. ~Devika Khosla


Playing at the Regius is always an uplifting experience. The service, the rooms, the tables and such coordinating hosts, that it feels like home. All the pampering that you get can make you play continuously for days. ~ Sam


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