The Man Who Runs The Deltin Show: Manish Adnani

//The Man Who Runs The Deltin Show: Manish Adnani

The Man Who Runs The Deltin Show: Manish Adnani

Manish Adnani and his team at the Deltin Royale put on a fabulous spectacle for the poker community with the successful first edition of the BaazI Poker Tour . Manish, as the Business Head of Poker at the Deltin Royale was at the heart of it all and it showed as we caught up with him on the final day of the BPT. He had barely slept for 4 days and it was very much evident; but the energy he showcased was as if it were the first day of the BPT itself! A fully committed member of the Indian poker community for the past 11 years, Manish lives and breathes poker and he had nothing but praise for the way poker is expanding across the country.

Speaking on the experience of the BPT, Manish had immense praise for the efforts of Navkiran Singh, CEO of PokerBaazi and Jasven Saigal, whom he fondly refers to as ‘Jass’, and has known for almost 7 years, long before he became a pro. In fact, it was Jasven who had introduced the idea of the BPT to Manish, which was then finalised a mere 40 days before the event itself. Not having the luxury of time on their hands, all teams worked in overdrive and the results were plain to see with a staggering 230 players registering for the event on Day 1. The turnouts on the following days just kept exceeding expectations to the point that Manish refused to wager how many registrations would happen on Day 4, when our interview took place (needless to say it beat the number he was expecting).

Of all the checkboxes Manish was concerned about ticking, the one that mattered most to him was “the experience” that the players had at the event. Ever the perfectionist, he was most disappointed when some players had to wait for a table during the 6-max High Roller event, if only, because the number of participants far exceeded the the capacity on the floor. Always a good problem to have, it was heartwarming to see the Deltin team put in the extra effort and set up a few emergency tables to accommodate the demands.

Elaborating on what he sees in the future for the poker industry as a whole, Manish talked proudly about the role that the Deltin Group has played in the past and is likely to play in future – “Deltin has been at the centre of the poker fabric since day 1. It has been the vessel that has helped poker grow (in Goa)”, said Manish. He expects  a lot of innovation to come into the game to cater in the near future, especially to tackle the poker boom that is taking place right now and to also match the increasing expectations of players coming into the Deltin to play. From technology to service, he sees scope for growth to the already high standards set by him and his team. His motto in his own words is for any player to come into the Deltin and say “Boss, I don’t want to go back!” Thats the kind of passion that runs within Manish and his endeavour is to translate that to everyone associated with the game.

Reflecting on the tournament as it came to a close, he had only good things to say for all those associated with the Baazi Poker Tour. His pride was evident when he spoke of his team, who ensured that nothing was amiss for even a second and of the dealers, who put in the extra hours to cater to the large number of tables running throughout the 4 days. He also took time out to thank Jasven and the PokerBaazi team – Navkiran Singh, Puneet Singh, Varun Ganjoo and the rest for the monster effort they put in to market this event to the entire poker community in such a short space of time; the results of which were clearly evident in the huge turnout and positive feedback. “It was like an orchestra” he said. “Everyone had their own instruments to play and then we finally churned out the music” – and boy did everyone love it.

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