Kalyan on winning the 10k Freezeout at the BPT

//Kalyan on winning the 10k Freezeout at the BPT

Kalyan on winning the 10k Freezeout at the BPT

Kalyan Chakravarthy won the first event – the 10k Freezeout – of the inaugural BPT, and also took home a cool 5.7L in winnings. A former student from IIT Delhi, he’s presently working as a Business Analyst in a startup in the garden city of Bangalore. He is pretty active in the local poker circuits and has won a few tournaments there as well. We caught up with him after his big win and here’s what he had to say.

How was your experience winning the  event at the BPT?

It was a great experience! Everyone comes here hoping to ship some tourney or the other, but coming here and winning a tourney on the first day itself was just awesome. I have played other live tournaments before and been in the money but this was the first time I won one outright in Goa.

Did you go into the tournament with a particular strategy?

No not really. I went in making standard plays and luckily, my hands held up. There was a point where I had just 5 BBs remaining and I went all in with AQ with an opponent calling on a weaker A7o. My hand held and I never looked back.

Was there any point where you felt that you were definitely going to win the tournament?

When we were down to about 3 tables I thought I could go all the way. I was already in the chip lead, and looking around I felt that  other than Siddharth Singhvi,there weren’t, to my knowledge, many other good tournament players. And once I entered the final table as the chip leaser, I tried to dominate from the beginning. Although there were a couple of bad beats along the way, I eventually made it!

Describe your winning hand to the readers.

By the time of the final hand, I already had a huge chip lead over my opponent. I had 8.5L chips while he had about 1.5L, with blinds at 40,000/80,000. Since he had only 2 BB remaining, I was just waiting to shove on any 2 cards. I got J9 hearts and I pushed all in with him calling on A8. The flop was K T 4, with the Turn coming a Q and completing my straight. The river was a brick and that was it!

How did you fare in the other tournaments?

I played all the other tournaments, going deep in the High Roller and the Main Event. Unfortunately, I couldn’t cash out in any of those. Don’t know why but I went out of both on some very crazy hands; both bad beats. Maybe it was for the thrill or simply to bet against me… *Laughs*

The 15k Bounty was the only one where I busted early. By that time everyone was playing slightly loose and mostly looking for bounties. I jammed in my chips with A4 and got called by a player with J5 suited and he ended up with a flush.

Also, I didn’t get much time the first 3 days because of the tourneys, but I played some cash games on the final day after busting early as well as the day after the BPT got over and made some very good amounts.

So how do you plan on spending these huge winnings?

Haha. I think I’ll put some money into online poker. I’m not much of an online player and I’ve been advised a lot to start playing online more frequently. And I’ll play some more games in Bangalore as well. I’m not much of a spender so I’ll just use this amount to increase my bankroll and think about enjoying in the future.

Any final words?

A big thanks to the entire Baazi Poker Tour team. It’s not just because of the tournament, but right from the beginning that the Baazi team has done a brilliant job on online platforms like FaceBook. Whenever any of us had any issue, they came forward and helped us out. I believe Baazi is the best site in the country at the moment because I haven’t seen anyone else taking the time out to tackle the problems faced by the players or users. And also, the kind of organizing that they’ve done here in Goa has been amazing.

And finally, a big mention for the team at the Deltin for making our stay and experience very comfortable. They were always available whenever I had any query. Thank you Deltin and PokerBaazi Teams!

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