Aditya Agarwal has been showing extraordinary performance at the overseas felt at APPT Macau 2018 but unfortunately, Agarwal lost the winner’s title to China`s Lin Wu. Wu’s win credited him with  HK$3,095,000 (~US$394,452) top prize and a PSPC Platinum Pass worth an additional $30,000.

Pokerstars pro Agarwal had come a long way in APPT 2018 and looking at the heads-up battle, it can be confidently said that he had every chance to take down the title. But a river at the end betrayed him. Although not the champion, Agarwal walked away with a handsome cash prize of ₹1.57 Crore.

“I played World of Warcraft professionally and my friends from online introduced me to poker,” said Wu when asked how he got into the game, in the post-win interview.

“WoW is similar to Poker, with psychological competition. When I was playing WoW I wasn’t making lots of money. Playing poker I can make more,” confirmed Wu through the aid of a translator.

Lin Wu- Winner of APPT Macau 2018 Main Event

Aditya Agarwal on the Final Day:

Although Agarwal was the second biggest stack owner at the beginning of the Final Day, he lost a significant amount of chips to Chun Chiu. right in the beginning. But, Agarwal made it a point that he recovered all that he lost. He recovered his loses at the cost of Alexandre Chieng. Agarwal was very active at the felt and traded chips in its true sense till the first elimination of the day.

Germany’s Maxi Lehmanski was the first player to get eliminated and he was railed by Wu in the sixth place for  HK$546,532. Post the first elimination, Agarwal faced subsequent booms and depressions in his chips stacks. First, he lost a huge pot to Wu; he recovered some of it from here and there and again lost a significant amount of chips to Phanlert Sukonthachartnan and was left with 1,625,000 million.

Then, out of the blue, the Indian poker pro, turned the tables around and acquired enough chips at the cost of Wu to become the chip leader.

Now that Agarwal had strengthened his root, he started attacking his opponents one by one. He eliminated Chieng at the 5th position for HK$675,500. Post Cheing’s elimination, Wu’s and Sukonthachartnant’s poker skills inflicted repeated blows on Agarwal’s chip stack, subsequently snatching away the position of chip leader form him.

Agarwal took his revenge after he recovered his loses at the cost of Sukonthachartnant and busted him at the 4th position for  HK$933,000. After this, it didn’t take much time for Agarwal to tighten his grip on the game. He moved up to 5 million chips after which he three-bet on a preflop pot against Wu. Wu couldn’t stand strong which lead to Agarwal’s win in the next three subsequent hands and took his chip stack to 6.7 million.

Jen Chen Chiu was the next to face Agarwal’s cruelty at the game and very soon he settled Chiu at the third place for HK$1,192,000. Now, it was time for a gruelling heads-up- Agarwal Vs Wu; 7,475,000 in chips Vs 3,205,000 in chips.

The Heads-up

Aditya Agarwal had strangled Lin Wu with his enormous chip stack and very soon he increased his chips stack to 7.9 million.  But Wu didn’t give up and managed to recover some of his loses as the battle proceeded. Subsequently, the heads-up that was expected to run short, extended in time significantly and was no less than a sinusoidal curve.

Just prior to the last hand, Agarwal lost a few crucial pots to Wu which brought his chip stack down to  3.55 million. Though there was change of the chip-stack lead, quite a number of times, Wu managed to get ahead right before the last hand.

On the final hand of the event, Agarwal limped and Wu jammed. Agarwal was dealt with  card 3 card 1 while Wu tabled card 2 card 3. An ace on the window, unfortunately, deprived one of India’s best poker player of his much deserved title.

Final Table Results (HKD)

1. Lin Wu – HK$3,095,000

2. Aditya Agarwal – HK$1,900,000

3. Jen Chen Chiu – HK$1,192,000

4. Phanlert Sukonthachartnant – HK$933,000

5. Alexandre Chieng – HK$675,500

6. Maximilian Lehmanski – HK$546,532

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